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Monday, December 15, 2008

the body of the sphinx

The Sphinx is a wonder but why does it have the body of an lion and head of a man many think it means strength and wisdom but could be wrong.
It has massive front arms and huge paws. It's nose and beard were taken off somehow know one knows how most people think that it was blown off when napoleon used it as target practice. But we later found out it was destroyed way before it. It probably went out with a bang:-)boom pow or even kazam ha ha.Anyway it has the body of a man and body of lion and has a tail and everything just not organs:-) that's about the body of the sphinx

the sphinx

The Sphinx what a magnificent sight. Of course it doesn't have the attention of the pyramids but wow. It was made of pure man power (actually farmer power). made from bricks and stone and it hurt just like the old saying sticks and stones may break my bones. It was carved like a masterpiece built strong(not army strong but strong).And the sad thing about it was that it took many lives by the thousands. It stands at 70 feet that's huge i you don't know. It amazes modern day humans how they didn't even make it with animals or machines or even pulleys and levers. It takes alot to impress me and this does. The protector of the pyramids the sphinx.

did the sphinx go to the underworld with the pharaoh

No it did not the sphinx stayed on ground and guarded the pyramids. Because if the sphinx went with the Pharaoh then what would guard the pyramids. Yeah that's right nothin could protect it so the king has to go by himself in the afterlife until the waying of the heart. So while the Pharaoh has his afterlife the sphinx will live on and on and on. It will be a symbol to the Egyptians of how strong their ancestors were.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

how many people did it take to pull limestone blocks to build the spinx

It took 10 people to carry one block which was 2 tons 10 people. Now imagine you carrying around a 1 ton block with 5 kids it would look like a baby trying to pick up a big desk by him self himself :-)ha ha bla bla. Now back to the fact, these blocks were back breaking, bone crushing, neck cracking things many people died from. The strains of all of the work killed many to the hundreds to thousands. But if that's what it takes to make breathtaking artifacts then go ahead and break my back,my bones,and neck too. Ha ha just kidding that's how many people it took to build it.

What is the purpose of the sphinx?

The purpose of the Sphinx was to guard the pyramids and crush the Pharaohs enemies that try to rob his tomb. It also means the wisdom and strength. that's what I would have thought it was without reading it. Well at least the strength part. i wouldn't think of the wisdom looking at it because when you think big you think strong. The body of a lion symbolizes power. And the head of an Pharaoh symbolizes wisdom.

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